GGT Electric is committed to making the electric vehicle an affordable and viable option for the world’s consumers, business owners, and car lovers. We believe that electric vehicles represent the future of personal and commercial transportation, and we will work endlessly to bring the cost-effective, environmentally-responsible efficiency of the electric vehicle into the fleet mainstream.

Our staff of professionals has a combined history of over thirty years dedicated to development and marketing of various alternative fuel products. We pride ourselves on our ability to look outside our North American boundaries and bring together vast arrays of technology from our technical partners around the globe.

As a company, we are dedicated to the research, development, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of alternative fuel vehicles, power train systems, all to be used in a variety of vehicles and various modes of transportation, all for the benefit of the environment and our customers.

As vehicle enthusiasts and concerned citizens of the planet Earth, we simply want to create the best driving experience possible for our customers in the most ecologically-responsible way that we can.


Today, while there are several companies selling some form of all-electric vehicles and after-market plug-in retrofit kits, there are very few serious manufacturers that develop, customize, and warranty all-electric urban vehicles. GGT is one of those few manufacturers that can provide this capability, bridging the gap between mass-market hybrid cars – which are only partially electric and still produce costly, harmful emissions – and the do-it yourself weekend inventor.

GGT Electric was incorporated in Michigan in September 2008 with the mission to make electric cars and trucks a viable, economical reality for environmental- and budget-conscious individuals and businesses worldwide. We’re an international, technology-based engineering company that has focused its resources and efforts on the development and marketing of lithium and AGM-powered vehicles and products. Our goal is to develop new propulsion systems – utilizing the latest electric motors, electronics, and battery technology available – apply them to the current low-speed electric vehicle market.

GGT was built on the backs of years of experience in the field of alternate fuel products, stretching back almost thirty years.


  • Our professional organization made up of experienced automotive personnel with decades of knowledge working with GM, Ford, and Chrysler, covering all aspects of product development, quality control, program management, engineering, manufacturing, and testing.
  • Our seasoned automotive-based engineering and development organization – which includes groundbreaking technology partners across Asia and Europe, all working at the forefront of the alternative fuel industry – that can identify, evaluate, test, and continuously improve technologies and products and that has already brought hundreds of vehicles into production.
  • Our market research and commercialization structure with many years of experience in automotive dealer development as well as fleet sales management that continuously identifies new and growing technologies, products, and markets in the eco-friendly transportation arena.
  • Our complete product distribution network, individualized for each product with distributors and sales representatives, insuring full and satisfactory customer support nationwide.
  • Our headquarters in Milford, Michigan just outside of Detroit, which provide us access to a global network of cutting-edge developments in the world of international electric vehicles.
  • Our European presence dedicated to the development of European vehicles and working with European auto manufacturers.
  • Our unmatched ability to mass-produce electric vehicles in a way that makes them practical and affordable for normal consumers.
  • Our unerring devotion to our customers and the environment.