Post Frame Construction as a Place to Live While Building a House

A pole barn is built with a method known as Post Frame Construction. These buildings are used for many purposes aside from agriculture, since they can be constructed in a timely and efficient manner compared with frame-built structures. They also are more affordable for the same amount of square footage. Rural property owners who want to take their time building a house can have a pole barn constructed first and live there as long as they need to.

Considerations: Zoning and Codes

Rural townships generally are not as strict about zoning and codes as municipalities are. Nevertheless, the property owners should check with the appropriate governmental agency to learn whether there are any regulations about living in this kind of structure. There may be requirements for plumbing and electricity, for example. Pole barns commonly do have at least a minimal amount of plumbing fixtures and electrical wiring installed. Hiring a contractor who has experience in building post-frame structures as homes is advisable.

A Broad Range of Uses

This is an ideal option since the post-frame building can be used for a broad range of activities once the house is complete. These structures are suitable for garden sheds, craft rooms and woodworking shops. They can be used to store vehicles like snowmobiles, watercraft and all-terrain vehicles. A riding mower and a snow blower can be kept there instead of taking up space in the garage.

If the property owners expect to have frequent guests, they can even continue using the structure as living space. It can be a guest house, allowing these visitors to have a private bathroom and sleeping area. Another possibility is to have an upstairs loft for guests and use the downstairs for hobbies, crafts or a home office.

Discovering Satisfaction

Some owners of country acreage plan to build a house while living in a pole barn but decide they truly enjoy life in their post-frame abode. Instead of investing money into a frame-built structure, they can start making improvements to the place where they already live. These men and women embrace living a more unconventional lifestyle and love their rural homestead.